Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Long Grey Light

Summer Solstice
This year so cool and grey

Monday, June 14, 2010

Fighting the MOOOORE Monster

When one lives a transient existence it's relatively easy to keep possessions few. If it won't fit in the van when we move on to the next farm or adventure, we don't keep it. But now, we find ourselves with a dwelling of our own again and the MOOOOOORE Monster is rearing it's ugly head. (You know that voice of American affluence which tells us we need to consume more stuff. Then we look around, we see fisheries and every other resource being rapidly depleted, and we must know that our greed and insatiable appetite for MOOOORE is to blame).
I really need to have food growing outside our apartment, so I want to go buy pots for a nice patio garden. Our dining room set consists of storage totes, pillows and blankets. I think things would be easier if we had a table to sit at. I would write more if I had a comfy desk or even a table to sit at. Dylan thinks we could organize things better if we had some shelves and wall hooks. We could go to Value Village or Goodwill and re-purpose items for these wants. But then that would be a couple hundred bucks less for our next adventure, and a hundred pounds more stuff to get rid of.
I'm reading a great book which I highly recommend. It's called "Simple Prosperity -Finding Real Wealth in a Sustainable Lifestyle" by David Wann.
The past year of evaluating our goals and priorities and ultimately walking away from a conventional life has shown us the line between needs and wants.
So I'll take pride in my food packaging containers-turned -food- growing- containers. As I sit down on the floor (like millions of people around the world), I give thanks for the bountiful food and community and things that ultimately make life richer.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Drill, Baby, Drill!

Every time I hear about the Gulf Oil catastrophe I hear the 2008 McCain / Palin suppoters shouting "Drill, Baby Drill" . I wonder if they still think MORE OIL DRILLING is the answer to our nation's economic problems?
On the other side, those of us who know the perils of our oil addiction-What drastic changes to our lifestyle would we honestly make if it could end the insane wars (environmental and political) for oil?