Wednesday, July 23, 2008


An action-packed week in GreenGo Land. We looked at our dream farm in Enumclaw, it is a sweet, huge 1902 farm house with a green house and perfect set-up for animals and a sustainable little farm. Also a perfect room adjacent to the green house for a kitchen. As of this moment, we can't swing it. BUT, we are building momentum...
Sunday, after market, we did a guest cooking demo. with Alisa Smith & J.B. Mackinnon, the authors of the book Plenty. We really enjoyed the book and the opportunity to spontaneously whip up some simple, local good food.
We are excited to be serving herbs and flowers from our garden in the markets this week! Rosemary, Thyme, Lavender, chives, Nasturtiums, mint, Bachelor Buttons, Dill....
COLUMBIA CITY and NFMA, we really, really, really appreciate you! This week again the peeps in Columbia City blew us away with super support! We really would not be making this fledgling business fly without you! To the hard-working market managers who Make the markets happen, thank you for being organized and promoting the markets. Thanks farmers and co-vendors for providing great food!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekly Rhythm of cheese

Each market has some of my favorite cheese. Cheese is comfort for me. These are my precious treats that I savor all week long with seeded baguette and fresh goodies from the garden. Wednesday we look forward to chevre and spring cheese from Pt. Madison. Thurs. is so exciting because we get Seastack from our stall neighbors at Mt. Townsend. Thanks Cheese makers!
An ultra special thanks to Rick and Lora Lea of Quillisascut cheese andQuillisascut school of the Domestic Arts. (Farm School) We've had the good fortune of attending classes with them, hanging out with the goats and experiencing great shifts of perspective and awareness . I'd love to tell you about how your life will never be the same, but I'll just say You should go there. Go milk goats and make cheese, harvest dinner, learn to preserve produce like people have since the beginning, discover a new respect for ...Everything.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

What keeps us going

We have so many blessings...we are grateful for all of them. When we struggle, we need to remind ourselves that "Pain is weakness leaving the body"
Here are a few great things from the past week..
1.Rebekah Denn from the PI gave us a super shout out which we didn't even see until someone pointed it out to us! Thanks Rebekah!
2.Stevens Hospital has given us financial assistance for 2 ER visits which were big heavy bills looming over us! Thanks to the good folks at Stevens!
3.The great folks in Columbia City supported us in a huge way yesterday, and now we will make our rent! Thanks Columbia City!
4.Dylan's mom has saved strawberry plants for many years, and we have moved them several times and they are very hardy, great producers. Last night after the rain, I "had" to go harvest berries so they didn't get ruined. Our dog loves the rejects. Thanks MaryDell and old strawberry plants!