Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekly Rhythm of cheese

Each market has some of my favorite cheese. Cheese is comfort for me. These are my precious treats that I savor all week long with seeded baguette and fresh goodies from the garden. Wednesday we look forward to chevre and spring cheese from Pt. Madison. Thurs. is so exciting because we get Seastack from our stall neighbors at Mt. Townsend. Thanks Cheese makers!
An ultra special thanks to Rick and Lora Lea of Quillisascut cheese andQuillisascut school of the Domestic Arts. (Farm School) We've had the good fortune of attending classes with them, hanging out with the goats and experiencing great shifts of perspective and awareness . I'd love to tell you about how your life will never be the same, but I'll just say You should go there. Go milk goats and make cheese, harvest dinner, learn to preserve produce like people have since the beginning, discover a new respect for ...Everything.

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