Monday, April 28, 2008

What to serve?

Lots of lovely spring greens coming. But what's good for a hearty sauce for polenta cakes? Peas and asparagus would be nice, but they're still from California, and quite expensive organic. I guess maybe one more round of Caballero cake. A burger sounds good for Columbia City. hmmm Can we afford to sell an organic burger for $8, and will people buy it for that price? Let's try and see. Local, 100% grass-fed, certified Organic beef from Skagit River Ranch anyone?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tender lettuces survive

Our tender seedlings were just sprouting when last week's hail battered us. But simple fabric saved our new Nasturtiums, lettuce and cilantro. We are so excited to use edible flowers and herbs grown organically ourselves!

Snow, sleet, hail, fun at the market!

Our second market day was unseasonably cold for April, but we had more customers than the previous week. We were concerned for our new plantings in the garden.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cypress gets to shop for foodservice supplies

As we scramble to assemble the last necessary hotel pans and stock pots, I find myself (a petite woman) juggling my 3 year old, shopping lists, and a cart full of aluminum and stainless steel commercial equipment. My son Cypress is always a good trooper, he's always happy to contribute his picks to the cart......tongs, lots of tongs, many colored, every size, big funnels, small funnels, ice scoopers, pot lids...... It's proven a great exercise in patience and restraint.
I'm sorry to Wade at Rockridge Orchards who's always so patient, despite Cypress trying to double dip in the honey sample, then knocking the cup of sample sticks over. I guess he's just made himself too much "at home" at the Farmer's Markets.

Thoughtful sourcing

We're facing some very big challenges and decisions as we try to source ethically and locally. Something as simple as buying a bag of dried beans takes several days as we try to figure out how to provide organic and still make a profit. We've been unable to find any local wholesaler who provides organic bulk beans. Organics from Idaho prove too expensive after outrageous shipping and handling. So we've found organic beans from California which are slightly more affordable.
Here in the Northwest, this seems like the bleakest time for local food. Spring is here, warm weather is near, but all we've got are greens, roots, and cold stored apples. So we look forward to summer when we estimate about 95% Washington grown produce!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Getting Closer...

We are soo close to our first market day, and only 3 days and a wake up until we have our Monday feed. We are charged and ready to go, we just have to wait now. Sometimes the hardest part is waiting to GO.