Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cypress gets to shop for foodservice supplies

As we scramble to assemble the last necessary hotel pans and stock pots, I find myself (a petite woman) juggling my 3 year old, shopping lists, and a cart full of aluminum and stainless steel commercial equipment. My son Cypress is always a good trooper, he's always happy to contribute his picks to the cart......tongs, lots of tongs, many colored, every size, big funnels, small funnels, ice scoopers, pot lids...... It's proven a great exercise in patience and restraint.
I'm sorry to Wade at Rockridge Orchards who's always so patient, despite Cypress trying to double dip in the honey sample, then knocking the cup of sample sticks over. I guess he's just made himself too much "at home" at the Farmer's Markets.

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