Monday, April 28, 2008

What to serve?

Lots of lovely spring greens coming. But what's good for a hearty sauce for polenta cakes? Peas and asparagus would be nice, but they're still from California, and quite expensive organic. I guess maybe one more round of Caballero cake. A burger sounds good for Columbia City. hmmm Can we afford to sell an organic burger for $8, and will people buy it for that price? Let's try and see. Local, 100% grass-fed, certified Organic beef from Skagit River Ranch anyone?

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Cheryl said...

Hello Stockpeople @ GreenGo Food;
We love your homemade polenta cakes and special sauces. Great taste and quality. I crave an organic beef burger sometimes and would gladly pay $8.00 for it. A "sirloin burger" of unknown origins is $7.00 at many places so the price is really fair and the organic difference is so worth it.
Thanks for the great food !
C. Phillips
U. District