Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mysterious ways

Last Wednesday, our neighbors at the High-Life had an unfortunate fire. Luckily, no one was hurt and the building damage was minimal.
We knew some of the bystanders must be hungry, so Dylan took them some warm soup and polenta samples and menus.
The next 4 days were the busiest we've had so far!
We were having some doubts and fears, but this financial boost has given us some renewed confidence.


We finally made the walk-in go away! Now we have a nice little patio, Thanks to Otto Garden Care for massive clean-up and pressure wash and landscaping. When you roll up and say, "Damn this is a cute place!" That's the Otto's work.
Now we're trying to scare up some second hand patio furniture. Little Bistro tables and stools or chairs.

Friday, March 20, 2009

How hard? This Hard!!!

How hard are you willing to work for your dream? 7 Days a week hard. Work until you want to throw yourself down on the floor and cry with the 4 year old hard. Aching feet legs back, cracking fingers hard.
We were warned it would be "like last year on steroids".
Give thanks for lots of hard work, some have none.

Monday, March 16, 2009

First Greens!!!!!

Woo-Hoo! We got first local spicy greens of the season from our dear friends and benefactors at Rockridge Orchards this Saturday! They are so spicy and delicious! So many people have been asking for greens! WE've been begging them to hold off, we didn't want to bring them up from so-Cal or Mexico.
Now we've got them, local and wonderful! But it may not be a regular thing yet. The weather haas been taking a toll on Puget Sound Farmers.
Come and get them while they're fresh!
A million thanks to Wade, Jude, and the farm family!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

More Rock -n- Roll

GreenGo apparently has an identity crisis.
Many people look at the place and wonder "what is GreenGo food" Many others come in look around and wonder if our meat is real, ask when/why we started serving meat, and are surprised and disappointed to learn that we are not The Patty Pan Grill.
Is it a Health Food store? UUmmm, sort of, but NO!
Our neighbors at the Felony Flyers have pointed out that we need to be more Rock-n-Roll. (Insert huge belly shaking laugh here) But Really, I think they hit the nail on the head. They are our most regular customers, they are business guys and they see a perspective that we tend to overlook in our realm. I personally could not be more rock-n-roll, but GreenGo could broaden it's appeal......
We're talking about a Pin-Up Girl eating a burger, we'll just nail it over the mountain and forest mural on the fence....or something.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Miracles happen, the forces of good are alive and well

Our restaurant opening has been very challenging, but through the toughest times the goodwill of others sustains us and convinces us to keep on. We have received so many "saving graces" and miracles over the past 2 months, I couldn't begin to name them all, but other than the whole restaurant itself, a new neighbor possibly willing to do our website for food, a mural artist, Otto Garden Care, a great U-Dist market...
If you turn to the mass media, all one hears is gloom and doom. Yes, these are desperate times for many, but also hopeful times. I look at our circle of friends and peers and business associates and I see a lot of people doing well. People who do something they care about and take pride in their work seem to be prospering. I don't know anyone "rolling in the dough" or blowing up sales goals, but making it and appreciating a shift in the status quo.
Judging by the people who come into our shop and chat, many folks are ready to support one another here in our community, ready to make the changes ourselves! We'll have our own bailout!
Thank You Everyone

The bleakest time, the most hopeful time.

Here we are again at this challenging food time of year, local winter goods are running low, local greens are still a few weeks out. (But I did see the first spinach at Alm Hill's Ballard Market stand. Very exciting, but not enough to viably serve in the shop. We're going to be missing all of Nash's great roots. Beets and carrots are in very short supply. The snow prevented our cabbage and carrot arrival last weekend.
We've been enjoying hot house tulips from Alm Hill for a few weeks, but our tulips in our yard are just emerging. On these beautiful, fragrant rain washed days, the delights of Spring seem so near..