Monday, March 2, 2009

Miracles happen, the forces of good are alive and well

Our restaurant opening has been very challenging, but through the toughest times the goodwill of others sustains us and convinces us to keep on. We have received so many "saving graces" and miracles over the past 2 months, I couldn't begin to name them all, but other than the whole restaurant itself, a new neighbor possibly willing to do our website for food, a mural artist, Otto Garden Care, a great U-Dist market...
If you turn to the mass media, all one hears is gloom and doom. Yes, these are desperate times for many, but also hopeful times. I look at our circle of friends and peers and business associates and I see a lot of people doing well. People who do something they care about and take pride in their work seem to be prospering. I don't know anyone "rolling in the dough" or blowing up sales goals, but making it and appreciating a shift in the status quo.
Judging by the people who come into our shop and chat, many folks are ready to support one another here in our community, ready to make the changes ourselves! We'll have our own bailout!
Thank You Everyone

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Go Gastronomy: Adventures in Yumminess said...

I really like you're optimism. It's funny I just did an interview for the Seattle P-I about how to get through these tough times if you've been laid off and I couldn't stop about how the mindset is absolutely key. I'm just writing about my discovery of your wonderful place on my own blog as it was a special manifestation for me, too!