Monday, May 12, 2008

We love Lake Forest Park!

Mother's Day was the opener for LFP and it was fun! So far, this was our best market! I mean best overall experience. The people were very receptive, glad to see us, enjoyed our food. Not having to off-load our van and drag heavy equipment is a huge bonus! The health department finally came to inspect us; we nailed it, 100% Yeah baby!
No real direct competition for us here. We love our friends at Patty Pan, Growing WA, Anita's, but oh the joy of an unsaturated market!
We're thinking we will drop U-district and pick up Juanita Beach on Friday nights. Summer Sunsets on Lake Washington while serving good food to the people sounds great! Then, our Saturdays will be free for picking up private events, or having Family day at Carkeek park.

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Devra said...

Congratulations! May it be the first of many good markets.