Monday, June 30, 2008

It ain't easy

I've often wondered why any respectable culinary professional would buy food from "Big generic foodservice supplier x,y, or z". We have so many great local producers here in the Seattle area.
The answer I've realized, is simple....It's fast and easy.
We spend many hours hunting down the finest local goods from our small local farmers. During our Sunday market we take time from our stand to look around and see what looks good and affordable, and we brainstorm a sauce for the upcoming week. Then we go around and get 10 pounds of Zucchini from Bautista and line up 6 pounds of greens from Growing WA, some onions here, snap peas there. Then we order buns from 2 different bakeries, we buy cheddar cheese retail for our burgers because we insist that it be local and hormone-free....... In short, we seem to be lacking in efficiency, but we're working on it, and we're doing what we feel is the right thing. It feels really good to spread love around to lots of small people doing good work.
But then we see that lots of people don't care, they're happy to gobble nasty preserved, processed, factory farmed particle meat hot dogs from who knows where, and I wonder, "Is it worth it? or are we just deluding ourselves and making things harder than necessary?"

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Cheryl said...

Don't Give up the Battle!!!!
Please keep up the local, organic 'quest for the best' going. You are educating people just by being at Market. Time will prove that people know a great thing once they find it, and they pass it on, raising awareness with others who just don't understand yet. It's a slow process but a sure one.
When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
Hang in there brave food Warriers.
Your biggest Fan