Friday, October 17, 2008

Flowing with the currents...

I'm happy to announce the postponement of our Autumn Party. It was becoming very stressful to pull together a big, fun-filled party in such a short time. Also, as I was talking to people, I was hearing that many of the families I would most like to come already had plans for the evening. Since we are all about change for the good, Election night seems a fortuitous time for a party. We hope Barak Obama will truly be able to lead our Nation in a positive direction. In the meantime, each of us has tremendous power to enact change in our own communities. Where you buy your food, who you buy your food from, who you spend your time with, which businesses you patronize, these are simple everyday choices we all make, and they can all make a difference!
So come out on Election Night, bring the kids, celebrate the remaining vestiges of democracy, get to know new friends and small business people in our community.

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