Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A day in the life (Careful what you wish for)

Wake up, check awning proof, respond, gobble granola, feed kid, shuffle papers, work on taxes, financial aid paperwork for school, bustle kid to preschool. WHERE is the SIGN ARTIST??
"Let's take cards..the equipment costs how much?"
AAHh, here comes the insidemural artist! Would you paint something wacky like this collage?
City of Seattle is kindly repairing the sidewalk out front with cement cutters, excavators.
--Yes, hello fence mural artist, how do you do?
Dialin Hey stop painting the bathroom, you're late for work.
uuummm, nice awning people, could you please clean it and everything...when the construction equipment moves...I'm just out of time
Back to fetch kiddo from preschool.
How about 6 dozen eggs? And may I get My usual case of beef, and could I get $100 slab of bacon? That local teaAnd the TEA! and 2 cases of JUICE
Now RACE to 2 tire stores...had a flat tire. Quick grab all financial papers, laptop move to meet bookkeeper with kid in tow *%$#! 2 hours of bookeeping with a 4 year old and a 5 year old needing to be mommied.
Yippee! The sign dude quick, go take the sign off the building and over to sign-dude's house. Eat an orange. Back into the tax crap...file it! Use the tax crap to fill out the school aid crap. NOW I NEED PRINTER INK!! Order it.
Any babysitters respond, yup lots, the network is helping.
Must quit. yogurt for midnight dinner.
We're gonna make it

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