Thursday, July 16, 2009

September will be the end

GreenGo Food is for sale.
We started over a year ago in the farmer's markets. In February, we took over this little kitchen from our friend and mentor Devra of Patty Pan Grill. We have invested every ounce of our being, every cent we could scrounge up into this business. We have always refused to buy cheap food or just have the industrial feed truck drop off our supplies. We've slept well knowing we are doing the right thing. Unfortunately, neither of us have trust funds or family $$, or any savings from scraping by in the restaurant biz for many years. So while we have finally achieved sales goals, are getting a little recognition, and seem to be growing, it's so bittersweet......we have nothing left to give. We incurred too much debt during the first few lean months to recover from. Our family unit has been taxed to damn near broken. Our personal bank account has been empty for a while. (Because all money we pay ourselves goes to our debt. Dev always reminds us that if we're paying our debt, we ARE making it, even if it doesn't feel like it)
I had this conversation with Cypress
"Mama when are we going to camp in Jerry's orchard again?"
"I don't know"
"This summer?"
"Probably not"
"How about camping in the desert?"
"Probably not soon"
"Don't you love to camp"
"I do"
"Why can't we just go camping? Summer's gonna be over soon"
"Because our restaurant owns us, and we can't take the time or $$ away to go camping"
I don't want to be this parent. I do not want to live a life where making money is the primary objective or activity. It's so strange that wanting to support small local farms and artisianal food producers with our business has put us in this situation.
But we have learned many important lessons. 


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you're leaving. You've been a wonderful asset to the neighborhood, and your ideals and mission have been well-respected and admirable. While I'm sad to hear you go, I totally understand the reasons why, and applaud you for choosing the more important things in life. Too many people today choose career/money over family. I hope where ever you go finds you well and successful. You'll be missed.

stockpeople said...

Thank You

Lisa Bean said...

Hey, what's happening with that great little space where your healthy food was made/served/enjoyed? What a cool little building. A friend and I were throwing around dinky restaurant ideas like serving only 2 items: a brown rice burrito w/tofu and arugala and some kind of yummy sandwich, like an Italian pannini. Hmmm, one can dream ;) I work at Ballard Swedish hospital so I ate at your spot a couple times. YUM. Lisa.