Monday, December 29, 2008

Pipetone Farm

We have been enjoying fruits, tomatoes, shallots, fruit yums and humor from Jerry Pipetone for about 5 years. On one trip East, we called Jerry up and asked to camp in his orchard. Pipetone farm is located in Rock Island, WA. A beautiful little spot at the base of a steep hill with lots of birdsong. A very ennjoyable camping experience. We got to see the magic of his processing kitchen where those fabulous Fruit Yums and syrups come from. We found the big drying ovens especially fascinating. This time of year we especially appreciate those treasured flavors of preserved sunshine. That sweet-tart taste of dried apricots and tomatoes. Nectarine Yum swirled in hot oatmeal. Thanks Jerry, Andrea and the farm family!

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Eliz Phares said...

Nice blog, I love your mission statement. It is along the lines of what my husband once said: "I don't intend to feed the world, rather to feed people well." I look forward to working with you and meeting you both.