Tuesday, September 2, 2008

For Peas' Sake!

This cool, wet August weather had one benefit to our victory garden....more Peas! Here in late August, we were still harvesting big fat sweet snap peas! Our cherry tomatoes are ripening, our sunflowers are opening beautifully, we've got lots of nice herbs, a few pumpkins getting fat and beginning to ripen. Our victory garden has been a great success, now we are making plans to begin potting up the things we want to keep, ripping out the rest, and spreading all that rich garden soil around to plant wretched grass for our landlord. How can anyone think that plastic wrapped "food" from who knows where in the grocery store is preferable to growing your own real food? Grumble grumble sigh.
Anyway, the preparations begin to move to our own little slice of the American dream. Don't know where or how or when, just gotta believe and be open and ready, and I know for certain, the only grassy "lawn" we'll be maintaining will be for our animals to graze.

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