Sunday, September 28, 2008


We give thanks to the many people who continually step up to help us with our business endeavor. While we work hard to shift gears and build a successful business, we constantly receive encouragement from the universe, telling us we must be on the right path. Frequently, during the past several months we have been stricken with terror and wondered "How the f#*# are we going to make it?!" And each time, we receive a sign and some saving grace. For example, our friend/neighbor tipped us off to a research study we might qualify for. We signed up and were guaranteed to be paid, as long as we showed up. So we went to this study about retirement planning, and 10 minutes into it, the researchers knew retirement was pretty far down the list of our current priorities, so they set us free, but said that one of the researchers was interested in our business and would be willing to give us some free business counsel. So we got some cash AND some great free business advice!
In the past week, we owe a huge thanks to Victoria for working on our website and tipping us to the research, Gari for doing photography, Amy for counsel, the nice folks at Fieldwork Seattle, Mea for asking for a cake, MaryDell for babysitting, Sarah for one more shift, Scary and Laura for babysitting, T.D. empire for employment, Jeff Miller for the pep talk, Otto GardenCare for employment, farmers for good food....That's just this week.

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Anonymous said...

You guys are so sweet! I'm glad opening day went well. I was just reading through your process in the past and saw my name! Awwww
Love, Scary