Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stayin' Alive

Time to shift gears. I have a great photo in the camera, but can't find the connector cable to upload it. Anyway, we're figuring out how GreenGo can pay its own bills through the winter without markets. Dylan is painting and landscaping and catering. Heidi is waitressing more and looking for a "fuller time" job. Cypress is begging to go to school.
August was a terrible financial month for us..Money sucking Pioneer Days, Rainy weather, Late tax payment, Lame sales at Lake Forest due to a "Wal Mart" style food vendor.
YAAAARGH! On one hand, it's tempting to say, "well, clearly people will pay to eat industrial food, let's just buy the cheap stuff and make a big profit." But then we would not be doing the rigt thing.
I guess we need to accept that we can not make a living selling really good food at Farmer's Markets. Tough to swallow, but That's the bottom line.
So, we'll wrap it up, consider it a good education and social experiment, move on to catering, pay our debt and work smarter towards our next venture.

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