Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nash's Organic Farm

On Tuesday, we had a super fun trip to Nash's Organic Farm in Sequim, WA. The farm lies spread over several fields in the fertile Dungeness River Delta. Our favorite item is Nash's Carrots, we always have a 5 lb. bag in the refrigerator. We also love the friendly folks at the farmer's markets. A huge THANK YOU to Kia who gave us most of her day, taking us on an extended tour of the farm and sharing a wealth of knowledge with us. The farm has a great story, here is my rough re-telling...Nash Huber started growing veggies in various vacant patches of land about 25 years ago, he and his crew still grow on various rented fields in the area, they sell produce at Farmer's Markets, to PCC and a few larger wholesalers. A few years ago, through the PCC Farmland Trust project they acquired the 80 acre Delta Farm which is their only chunk of land saved for farming forever. This part of the farm used to be a dairy, it has a beautiful old barn, fields, happy pigs, various fowl, and a crew of dedicated folks who make it all happen. While we enjoyed the whole farm, I think the Delta Farm was our favorite...we loved being with the happy pigs foraging in the field, "talking turkey" with the big flock of (soon to be eaten) beautiful turkeys, being honked and chased by the riotous geese, the various sizes and colors of chickens, the big Combine pulling into the barn, watching Nash work, seeing how Sunchokes grow, snacking from the fields....I could go on and on....or you could go for a visit next time you're on the Peninsula. Thanks KIA!

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