Friday, November 21, 2008

Season of Thanks

GreenGo would not exist if not for the help of many people. I'm going to try to give recognition to a few of our key players over the next few posts. I will start with our long-time quesadilla provider, friend and mentor, Dev of Patty Pan Grill. It was she who suggested the markets as an outlet for our food production given our limited financial means. There were a few times last summer when we questioned the sanity of taking this advice, but mainly we are thankful to Dev for her support, encouragement, mentorship, quesadillas when they aren't loaded with beets, and unique perspective. She's kind of like a surrogate big sister since we are both aliens in our biological families.
We were about ready to scrap the market program after our difficulties last summer, but Dev had some simple great ideas to re-tool our menu, so I think it will work better now.
Thanks a million Dev!

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