Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanks to Skagit River Ranch

Thanks to the Vojkovich family for doing the right thing, raising beef, pork and eggs we feel good about eating, and being good friends over the past 7 years. We began buying from S.R.R. at the Columbia City Farmer's Market in 2001. When starting our business, we knew that we could only serve beef from Skagit River Ranch. This is the most delicious and healthy meat around.
One market day, someone asked how we could call ourselves "Green" and serve meat! While we are aware of the atrocities of industrial meat production, we would not ever serve that kind of meat, and we consider this organic, local meat to be in a different food category all together. How so? First, we have visited Skagit River Ranch, you can too. The farm is green and beautiful and managed in a more sustainable manner than many large vegetable farms. The cows and other animals on the farm eat what they want (and are biologically evolved) to eat, so they remain naturally healthy and don't need drugs. Animals are not confined concentration-camp style. Cows are not shipped, stressed or tortured by an industrial meat packing facility. The USDA approved mobile slaughtering unit comes right to the farm, so a cow's last moments are peaceful right there in the field that has been home. Also, this farm is within 100 miles of Seattle, so very little fuel is used in transport. We are helping to maintain green places when we support local farms like Skagit River Ranch. I'm sure even the most ardent vegan would rather see this farm remain a farm than a subdivision.
Then there's the whole human aspect. Eiko and George have offered us lots of helpful business advice, consulting, an occasional reality check and friendship. We were tickled pink when another farmer tasted our burger and was amazed by how GREAT the beef was! He said he also raises cows, takes good care of them and they are delicious, but ours may be even better.
Thanks Vojkovich Family!

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